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Govt Royapettah Hospital attached to Kilpauk Medical College was established in 1911 by the Government of Tamilnadu.The hospital is located at West Cott Road Royapettah,Chennai -600014. Govt Royapettah Hospital is unique among all the Govt hospitals as it is the only tertiary care centre with all three divisions of Oncology namely Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Surgical Oncology under one roof.

GRH offers a comprehensive state-of-the-art outpatient and inpatient cancer treatment facilities that bring our expert care closer to patients with comparable cure rate and significant palliation of non cured patients.

Department of Oncology in Government Royapettah Hospital, Chennai will be upgraded as an Institute of Oncology by the Govt of Tamilnadu and the process of up gradation has already been initiated.Cancer block with 150 beds will be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs.17 crores for this purpose.


Prof of Medical Oncology
Asst Prof of Medical Oncology


  Evaluation done for referred patients to confirm cancer and further analysis is done for identifying the stage of cancer.

  Upon confirmation of the disease patients are treated under two categories

     Outpatient service
     Inpatient service

  Outpatient service works mainly to cater the needs of patients who doesnít require hospitalization.

      OP service does the registration of new cases and managing further cases
      Chemotherapy given on OP basis with intent to cure as well as palliate
      Clinical follow up of old patients also done by OP division

  Inpatient Service works for patients whose condition requires hospitalization.Those patients are admitted in the hospital for further    treatment and monitoring of those cases are also done under the IP division.


  OP and IP statistics of Medical Oncology patients from Jan 2007 to May 2010 are mentioned in the below tabular column.

  Medical Oncology stands first among all the Oncology departments in handling number of patients on day to day,monthly and yearly    basis.


2007 6144 10204 64 16412
2008 6273 11131 114 17518
2009 4141 7008 174 11323
2010(UP TO MAY) 1534 2459 19 4012

Dept of Medical Oncology In Patient Statistics-2007 Monthly statistics

JAN 137 131 1 269
FEB 116 120 1 237
MAR 142 140 3 285
APR 138 119 2 259
MAY 127 138 4 269
JUNE 127 143 3 273
JULY 112 111 Nil 223
AUG 137 125 Nil 262
SEP 103 130 3 236
OCT 122 86 3 211
NOV 87 125 1 213
DEC 71 49 Nil 120
TOTAL 1419 1417 21 2857

Dept of Medical Oncology In Patient Statistics-2008 Monthly statistics

JAN 88 101 0
FEB 83 86 2
MAR 95 100 1
APR 117 104 0
MAY 77 77 1
JUNE 106 97 4
JULY 93 98 2
AUG 98 103 1
SEP 118 115 2
OCT 104 92 0
NOV 98 122 1
DEC 101 93 1
TOTAL 1178 1188 15

Dept of Medical Oncology In Patient Statistics-2009 Monthly statistics

JAN 108 111 2
FEB 111 104 0
MAR 106 97 2
APR 96 90 2
MAY 94 93 0
JUNE 110 101 1
JULY 103 82 1
AUG 137 137 0
SEP 124 119 0
OCT 104 113 2
NOV 100 94 0
DEC 112 119 1
TOTAL 1305 1260 11

Dept of Medical Oncology In Patient Statistics-2010 Monthly statistics

JAN 78 81 1
FEB 71 66 0
MAR 108 93 1
APR 101 121 2
MAY 118 111 1
TOTAL 476 472 5

Palliative Care

Palliative care consists in caring for patients suffering from pain for a long time.It is generally misunderstood that only people who are terminally ill or those whom doctors have given up hopes of any progress, go to palliative care centers. Far from true,any patient suffering from intense pain requiring long term care can benefit from Hospices. The objective of hospices is to improve the quality of life and render living passable.

Hospices address all the issues in an integrated way. Where needed, medicines like morphine are given in required doses to reduce pain. Wherever supplemental medical treatment or other interventions like chemotherapy, radiationtherapy,etc are indicated, these are provided with the support of nearby hospitals. Counselling is provided to make patient understand and accept the reality. Love, care, company, psychological supports are all given.

Education and Training

Medical Oncology division of Govt Royapettah Hospital offers a number of education and training opportunities for undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, nursing students and those seeking continuing medical education.

The mission of the Medical Oncology Division is to eliminate cancer and allied diseases through integrated programs in patient care, research, education, and prevention. This Division of Cancer Medicine is striving to make progress to realize this mission, as the division builds strong partnerships with the other divisions as well as with other cancer centers to develop more effective therapies that are targeted to each patientís unique disease profile. Division investigators are now making appreciable progress in extending survival and improving quality of life for patients with the most difficult to treat tumors such as head and neck cancer, lung cancer,brain tumors, leukemia, breast cancer,gynaec cancer,lymphoma, melanoma, and many challenging but rare tumors.

The comprehensive treatment planning system involves a Tumour Board which consists of a panel of chief doctors of medical, surgical and radiation oncologists. The Board examines referred cases and jointly decides on the best line of treatment for each patient.

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