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Mrs.Revathi aged 23 years, w/o Mr.Kalidas aged 28 years hailing from Vilupuram, delivered Triplets by Lower Segment Cesarean Section(LSCS) at Govt.Kilpauk Medical College & Hospital on 6.6.2011.

This was her first pregnancy. She had regular antenatal checkup and was diagnosed as Triplets during Antenatal period. She was given special care. On 6.6.2011, LSCS was done and she delivered one boy baby at 6.10 pm, 2 girl babies at 6.12 pm under Dr.A.M.Famida, prof. & HOD of First Unit. Baby boy weighed 2.2 kgs, Girl baby weighed 2.1 kg, 2 kg respectively. All the three babies are doing well.

Triplet Pregnancy is rare condition, occurs 1 in 6400 pregnancies. Triplet may be due to hereditary factor or due to ovulation induction. She did not have any such history. Usually babies are small, but this mother delivered good sized babies. It is amazing to note that she managed to carry around 8 kg at term.

Mrs.Revathy comes from very poor family and she is financially Constrained to bring up three children. She requests, expects and Hopes to get financial help from the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

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